WEBSITE DESIGN PROPOSAL and LETTER OF AGREEMENT is pleased to submit a proposal for the developmentof a website to “Client”. The terms of this proposal are valid for thirty (30)days prior to commencement of work and then for the length of the project.

BACKGROUND is a web development business located in Idaho, but serving clients all over the world. We specialize in creating attractive and effective yet affordable websites based on the Site Build It model for business.


Develop an Internet site for Client. Create a clean, organized, and professional looking site. Develop a consistent theme with the use of the company logo,colors, heading and footers, and buttons.

Purpose of Website
The exact purpose of the website is ___________________________, and will include providing content and information focused around a specific niche.

Design Methodology
It is essential to establish a polished and professional look for the website. will create up to 3 “look and feel” designs compatible with the SBI Page Builder. When a design concept is selected that is preferred the most, will start developing a consistent look for section headings and footers, logo, and navigation buttons.

Site Content
With an approved consistent look established, the next step is to add content to the site. Site content is added to pages that have a consistent theme andlook in terms of headers, footers, and accent graphics such as buttons and bullets.

Development of the content will primarily be done by as follows
• Content will be drawn from content provided by Client, as possible.• Additional pages will be researched and written by SBI.• All content will be edited for search engine optimization by SBI.

Content is expected to include approximately 20 to 50 pages, including both Tier 2 and Tier 3 pages. Also included in these pages will be standardized content such as:

• Contact page• Newsletter/ezine “sales” page • Site blog home page • Links/Resources page • Terms of Service & Privacy Policy pages• Site Map• Site Search• About Us

Other Development Services will also provide the following services during the development of the website:

• Keyword research, analysis and niche strategy development• Develop and upload graphics (up to 2 per page, besides the header)required to support the page layout and navigation scheme• Build pages in the SBI Site Builder interface, as needed• Develop & implement a monetization strategy, including Google AdSense,affiliate links, and building a mailing list• Coaching of client in all aspects of SBI functionality as needed• Provide ongoing technical/content development support after the website is online.

Developing the Site
Together we will review the site during the building process. Throughout the process, the client is involved.

This schedule defines the major tasks to be completed during the life of the project. Individual tasks may be added, deleted or moved as required to meet the demands of the design. The elapsed times are estimates and may vary depending on workload, changes, client submissions and approvals, and third-party service providers.

Phase 1 (2 to 3 days)Proposal review Contract signing Initial payment – 1/4 of the total cost

Phase 2 (10 to 30 days)Design of look and feel Keyword analysis and additional research, as needed Development of navigation scheme and site structure Finalization of site map Client review and approval Second payment due at end of phase – 1/4 of the total cost

Phase 3 (15 to 30 days)Create individual pages (shared) Optimize pages for search engine positioning Client review and approval Third payment due at end of phase – 1/4 of total cost

Phase 4 (3 to 5 days) Finalization of site Training and coaching for transition
Final payment due at end of phase – 1/4 of total cost

COMPENSATION agrees to design and install the website and administrative functions as described above for the fee of $3000, inclusive of the following:
• All Design and Layout described above • Content development as described above, up to 35 pages written by SBI and15 edited; additional pages/articles will be charged individually.• Installation of web pages and forms on SBI site builder• Development of a monetization strategy• Training & coaching client, as neededTerms• Deposit- $750 prior to starting work• Progress Payments- $750 upon finalization of site map, and then another$750 after initial content development is finished• Final Payment- $750 upon site completion and sign off• Additional services billed monthly (net 15), as noted:–Additional pages/articles written at $125 each, edited $60 each–Installation of SBI modules such as ezine, surveys, link exchange at $125 each

Future requirements, such as functions, pages, or graphics outside the scope ofthe statement of work above will be performed by at a rate of $65.00/hour. will obtain permission based on a verbal estimate prior to performing any addition work.

Thank you for giving the opportunity to quote your new website. If you have any questions about this quote, your new website, or websites in general, please feel free to contact me.

Contract Signatures
Please sign below to signify your acknowledgement and acceptance of all terms spelled out on this and previous pages.
Date: _______________CLIENT NAME

NOTE: The down payment and contract must be received before work will commence.

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